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Handcrafted Jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry

Since times unknown, jewelry has been an essential feature of a woman’s dressing Handcrafted jewelry has always been an important part of the Indian culture.

The unmatched charm of a hundred years of traditions and cultures blended with the fine skills of generations of skilled artisans with a touch of the modernity is unbeatable. The beauty of the handcrafted jewelry isn’t just in its shine and sparkle, it’s in the amalgamation of years of history and cultures it imbibes.

Creating each piece of jewelry from the scratch takes an unimaginable amount of skill, time and patience. From designing the ornament, to selecting its stone and base to stringing it together, an artisan works long and tedious hours to reach the final product. Hundreds of beads strung together one after the other with immense patience and finesse to create the perfect piece of jewelry.

The precious and semi-precious stones are handpicked and authenticated to deliver the best quality to the customers.

One of the upsides of authentically handcrafted jewelry is that every design has its own unique personality. Every design is created keeping in mind the style, personality and uniqueness of its wearer. Every piece of jewelry has a personality that speaks for itself.

Every piece of jewelry carries a beautiful history and significance in the Indian heritage. For every jewel there is an important meaning in our culture which makes it so special. In the Indian culture, jewelry holds a special place in a woman’s wardrobe.

From the Maangtika to the Payal, from the Rani Haar to the Kamarbandh, each accessory adds beauty and value to a woman’s complete look. Jewelry is known to have physical, emotional and mental benefits to the woman who wears it.

The beauty of handcrafted jewelry is its variation yet its uniqueness. Each accessory is modified and adapted according to the beliefs of the woman who wears it. A Maangtika is worn as a Paasa in the Muslim traditions. Though both are head accessories, they are crafted and worn differently in accordance with the cultures. The artisans create each piece of jewelry keeping in mind the importance and value it holds to the woman of every culture. In India, jewelry is not just an ornament but a valuable part of people’s customs.

Handcrafted jewelry is of the utmost importance to a bride. Every bride dreams of her perfect bridal look. Jewelry becomes a very important aspect of how she wishes to look on her special day. Handcrafted jewelry is especially customized for every bride to suit her dream wedding look.

The specialty of an Indian karigar is his possession of the skill of handcraft which are passed down through generations of karigars. The craft is a blend of history, cultures, perfection and experience.

These kaarigars work with precious metals such as gold and also the non precious high quality metals like brass and copper but what matters the most is the skill of kaarigars and not the metal. These master craftsmen work tirelessly with the same amount of effort, skill and dedication when working with the non precious high quality metals like brass and copper to give it the same look of perfection as the work done with the precious metals. Hence, the name - real look alike jewelry.

An Indian karigar sews together centuries of Indian heritage, the stories of womanhood and the tiny valuable stones of our culture into the strings that adorns a woman making her the Modern Indian Woman we cherish.



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